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Forensic Planning

  • Full support and expert advice / analysis and reporting in relation to:
    • Mediation
    • Adjudication
    • Litigation
    • Proceedings and Negotiations
  • Non contentious assessment of Extension of Time
  • Evaluation of time related matters relating to payless notices
  • Full critical path analysis
  • Programme Audit

Fully experienced in all methods of critical path delay analysis, we utilise the most suitable method to suit the particular situation taking account all of the imposing factors.
Methods used include:

  • Time Impacted
  • As Planned v As Built
  • Update Methodology
  • Collapsed As Built
  • Time Location
  • Measured Mile

All Reports are produced in a concise and easy to follow format utilising window format where possible to illustrate clearly the impact of change.

Operational Planning

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Tender Planning

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Training & Advice

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